How to Teach Speech and PLAY!

The importance of playing!

Kids learn virtually everything through playing!! Many parents think their kids don’t like several of their toys… but the truth is, they don’t know HOW to play with them!!


Why play?! How do I play?! How can I work on speech/language while playing?! How do I elicit eye contact during play?! How do I keep my child’s attention?!

I go over all of these questions in this video!


#1. MAKE IT FUN!!!

#2. Use a song to help your child with motor Speech planning or to combine multiple words! (Or just to be more engaging!)

#3. Make eye contact

#4. Keep their attention – when you lose it – be sillier!! Be more fun!! Change it up!!

#5. Develop a play routine!

Did you know?! Kids who do not consistently imitate play routines/gestures will NOT consistently imitate speech sounds or words?!

Want to work on Speech? Start with a play routine & getting your child to imitate your actions during play!!