How to teach your child to POINT

This video was based on parent questions and requests!

Pointing is one of the MOST important and first developing communication skills! POINTING expresses communicative intent and usually promotes eye contact, joint attention and receptive language skills!

Help your little one learn how to point TODAY! TELL THEM, “show mommy what you want! point!” SHOW THEM: model pointing HELP THEM: hand-over-hand help them form a pointing hand/fingers!


1) Remember to have the snacks READY to go – already in small containers in the fridge or pantry (higher than they can reach – they can see them but the height/limited access creates the OPPORTUNITY for them to communicate with you!)

2) Create multiple repetitions/trials! Take chips out of the bag and put into a cup, give one at a time- do the same thing with gummy snacks, as modeled, or juice – fill up cup with 2 sips, then repeat over and over again – when using the tv – have it qued up and ready to go – when child points, turn on 3) Raise motivation by rewarding with IMMEDIATE positive reinforcement** (i.e. giving the snack, goldfish, tv on, item, juice, etc, immediately! This will make your child want to do it again!

YOU CAN DO IT, MOM/DAD! You be the therapist!