How to Get A Child to TALK!

Working in early intervention, providing free tips, tricks, strategies and techniques to help get your little one talking!

Try these FUN onomatopoeias at home with your little ones! Over & over again- fall down & say “whoops!!” Then the 10th time you do it… don’t say whoops, and just look at your little one to see if they try to fill in the blank!

Examples of sound words used includes:

“Whoops, bleh, ewww, achoo, uh oh, yay!, oh no, ouch, vroom, beep beep, crash, wow, wee, boo, gulp, ahh, bing, bang, roar, awww, shew, whush”

But there are many more! What are some of your little ones favorites?!

*If you child already is using these sound words consistently and independently… try adding on 1-3 words to the end!! (I.e. “uh oh! All Gone!” “Whoops! Fall down!” Or “Beep beep! Watch out!!”)

Using verbal routines (saying the same thing over & over again) helps children with motor speech planning and allows them to process language more quickly, when they know what might come next! (i.e. “one, two…. ___” or “ready, set, ____!”) and provide time *WAIT long enough* for your child to process and respond! Pair with highly motivating reinforcements (cookies… their favorite toy… hugs/kisses) for even more success!

Praise all attempts! Repetition is key!