Do you ever wonder if your child’s speech articulation is developing typically?

Does your child often substitute sounds and you don’t know if that speech error is normal for a child of their age?!
Then this FREE SPEEDY SPEECH Handout is for YOU!
Compare your child’s speech errors with the typical substitutions seen in children. Sometimes, it takes a while for speech sounds to develop, due a child’s articulators still growing, strengthening and learning how to form and coordinate sequences of the mouth/tongue/jaw to make sounds!
Check out our typical speech developmental chart under resources to see which age each sound is normally developed by! THEN, find out if a sound substitution is NORMAL or not using this free typical and atypical speech sound errors hand out!
Don’t forget to use our Speedy Speech Hand Cues PDF to learn how to promote speech sound development and speech articulation by focusing on isolating speech sounds/phonemes and combining different vowels and consonants to make words! *This is a fantastic resource for children with suspected Apraxia of Speech or Childhood Apraxia of Speech!
Check out more at Speedy Speech on YouTube!

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